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Phoenix Service Software 2010 installation package

Phoenix Service Software 2010 installation package include some special feature
which is described below

1. Phoenix Service Software 2010.8.4.41526

2. New DK2 Dongle Driver v

3. Nokia Connectivity Cable USB Driver v

4. Flash Update Package 09.050.025

5. FLS-x Dongle Driver v 2.09.28

Changes/update made from previous version 2009.34.14.40684

More products added:

Support :RM-601, RM-656, RM-657, 
RM-659, RM-559, RM-610, RM-618, RM-639, RM-632, RM-633,
 RM-634 Products removed: - RM-623

Some New & Advanced features added:

- Nokia Connectivity 
Cable USB Driver Version 7.x
- Flash Update Package
- Menu item 
WLAN Auto tune added for E72 product
- New RF Losses.ini v 47 
for auto tune
- Product Code Change
– window is now scalable, 
SW version information

for alternatives can now be seen if window
 is made superior.
Error rectification & changes:

- Support for FPS-8 
and FPS-11 Flash Programmers removed
- Bluetooth Flasher – menu removed

- Flash Memory test removed
- Changes to WLAN UI to support new WLAN
 component versions
- Auto tuning components updated to new version
- Label
 printing changes to improve handling of older data package
for more
 read in software instructions... and many more


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